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Totally Unbelievable Characters

While following the recent threads on RAIF ( “Defining the Newbie” and “Expanding the IF Audience/Community”, I found myself most interested in these comments, in light of the recent blogs about characters as the focus of games:

Jimmy Maher:
“People love stories, and many will get excited by the idea of getting plunked down into the middle of a good one.”

Jeff Nyman:
“I find new people most often clamor for better and more engaging stories that actually keep them interested in what the heck is going on. Or asking for characters that actually seem like they play a part in the story rather than just being another ‘thing.'”

“Stories are about *characters*. The thing that IF does least well is representing characters

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Stan the Absentminded Kleptomaniac Journalist

It was a quiet Saturday evening, and since you had no plans, you decided to spend it with a good book on the sofa and a little classical music on the radio. You had just settled in when you heard a knock on the front door. It was your friend Stan. You hadn’t seen him in a while, so it was nice to have him drop by without notice. You invited him in, and he obliged.

Oddly, Stan started scanning the foyer, taking it all in like he had never seen it before. He seemed to take particular notice of all the things there — the ficus tree, the impressionist painting on the wall, the coat closet. That seemed a little strange to you, but [More...] Read the rest

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Diamonds in The Rough

Diamonds in the Rough: This month’s Blogs of the Round Table invites you to discuss character flaws, or the lack thereof, in video game characters.

I particularly like this month’s round table discussion, as some of my recent blogs have been about how games really need to start focusing more on characters and character interactions. In order for that approach to be successful, the characters in games need to have some depth to them, and flaws are an excellent way of adding depth and humanity to characters. My initial reaction to the round table topic is that I can’t think of many games off the top of my head that include characters with notable flaws that are somehow significant to the narrative, but I’m guessing [More...] Read the rest

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