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Changelog 2014-05-26


Not much to report for the past two weeks. We’ve been dealing with the loss of a cherished family member here, so work has taken a back seat. We also spent some time out of town over the holiday weekend, so not much has been happening here lately. Things are beginning to return to normal this week, so hopefully there will be more to report next time. For now, I’ve been dabbling a bit with the new scripts for the Church items, mostly implementing the code to account for all of the changes in appearance that occur over the course of the game. Part of that involved going back to one of our old models, the fresco itself, and reconfiguring it so that we [More...] Read the rest

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Changelog 2014-05-12

This week’s changelog covers more work transitioning from the first cutscene to Act 2, including the ability to skip the cutscene and advance directly to Act 2. It’s amazing how many different things you need to account for in those circumstances — stopping audio and animations, making sure all scheduled events are cancelled, and so on. I’m sure I missed something in there. I also now have separate scripts for all of the Church items, including datablock and object initialization, as well as doMethod scripts. This was done because the Church objects change from Act to Act, and it’s easier to separate them from the rest of the objects to keep better track of them. We also have a few new models to play with, [More...] Read the rest

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Changelog 2014-05-05


One week period leading up to 2014-05-05:

– Continued reorganizing code to account for Act 2 material
– Continued to expand the objGame object to handle both Act and cutscene setups
– Created separate file for all keyMaps in the game, with associated methods
– Created new script to handle Act title text displayed at the start of each Act
– Reorganized some of the startup routines for better separation of concerns
– NPC doMethods are now all working for Act 2
– Prepared new set of Act 2-related work for NR

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