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Day One (at the AGDC)

It was an entertaining first day at the AGDC. It’s certainly more fun listening to talks about interactive storytelling, cinematic design, and writing characters in games than it is listening to talks about pharmaceuticals and obscure research findings.

As expected, Chris Crawford’s talk was, to a large extent, a rehash of material that I believe he has presented previously. Still, seeing it in person, particularly with his entertaining delivery, was worth it. His talk was titled “15 Conceptual Shifts: Moving From Games to Interactive Storytelling,” and it reviewed many of the points he has tried to make over the years — among other things: stories are about people, not things; the importance of interactivity; and the role of verbs as opposed to nouns. And, of [More...] Read the rest

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Brewing at the AGDC

So it’s been a crazy September to this point, and it’s been tough finding time to blog. But with the mad rush of work, at least temporarily, in the rear-view, I find myself relaxing at my first GDC. I’ve made it to Austin, and I’m now sitting in Ballroom B with a couple of other stragglers waiting for the first session, a lecture by Chris Crawford. In fact, Chris is right now sitting about 10 feet away typing on his MacBook Pro, probably finalizing his talk.

It’s a little odd; I’ve read much about the man, and even watched one of his talks from many years ago on YouTube. But I’ve never seen him in person. I’m looking forward to his talk on Interactive Storytelling, [More...] Read the rest

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Holidays Are Good For Gaming (And Coding)

Following on the heels of Scorpia’s and Coyote’s posts, I just felt the need to say how great long weekends can be for gaming. Especially game coding. I had a mess of spare time to myself over the weekend, so I was able to get in some quality gaming and coding sessions that I hadn’t had in some time.

I had an itch to replay Doukustu (Cave Story), so I downloaded it again and fired it up. It never ceases to amaze me. Such simple gameplay, and yet it’s so engrossing. Everything just seems to work well in that game — the graphics, story, interface, music, you name it. Even though there is never any direct communication depicted between the protagonist and the other characters, [More...] Read the rest

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