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The One Thing He Forgot To Mention

It’s blog post number 100, so time to catch my breath. Crazy string of weeks there from April through mid-May, trying to make deadlines, having those deadlines pushed back, trying to make the deadlines again, and so forth. Some successes, some failures, but you can’t argue with the fact that deadlines are great for getting shit done, even if you don’t get it all done.

It’s a little weird because my day job is filled with deadlines. Basically, it’s like a slow march from one deadline to the next, and every so often I get caught up in it and spend massive amounts of time working like crazy to finish under the wire. But that’s work. This was a deadline for a hobby. None [More...] Read the rest

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Deadlines Are Just Rough Guesses, Anyway

So a couple of deadlines have been extended, much to my relief. Perhaps.

The deadline for IndieCade, the annual independent games festival/competition, was extended from April 30th to May 15th. This is good because I really had no chance of having something close to submission-worthy by the end of April. It’s still up in the air if I can have the demo ready by the 15th, but at least I’ll have another shot.

Additionally, the submission deadline for the Austin GDC conference (for presentations) was just extended from today to Wednesday, May 13th. I’ve spoken with a couple of people about a presentation already, and I’ve prepared a draft of my abstract, so the extension will allow me/us to edit and refine it a [More...] Read the rest

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