The Winner: Frayed Knights

A few of the scattered individuals who stop by here every now and then might not be aware, but there was a year-long competition sponsored by, a group dedicated to developing tools to help indie developers create RPG games, including MMORPG games. The contest started in April 2007 and, I would assume, finished in April 2008, with the goal of creating the best CRPG game based on one of the Torque Game Engines. First prize was an impressive $10,000, and a number of groups entered.

I say that I assume it finished in April 2008 only because I never heard anything about a winner, and had completely forgotten about it. I do know that Jay Barnson of The Rampant Coyote had entered, and up until the April deadline was doing a fantastic job of grinding through the workload on his entry, “Frayed Knights”, an RPG “of comedy and high fantasy.” His frequent updates on the project were entertaining to read, especially from an indie developer’s perspective, and put a very personal touch on the project.

I’m not sure why a winner took so long to announce, but on Wednesday night Jay and his team were announced the winners of the contest. A very deserving win!

Jay did an amazing job getting the community involved in the development and testing of his game, and was an inspiration for me to start this blog. Now he’s got some serious bucks to take the game even further. Sweet!

For those of you interested in trying a humorous, creative indie-RPG game, I highly recommend stopping by the “Frayed Knights” site to download and play the pilot.

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