Changelog 2014-01-20

Week of 2014-01-20:
- Finished implementing code to SIT the player in a chair, and to get up from the chair, with animation
- Mapped the SIT command to the ENTER action ($vENTER)
- Implemented the SIT/ENTER action for the locutory and calefactory chairs, and the calefactory benches
- Converted all of the short tables and benches in the refectory to selectable objects (so SIT now works)
- Converted the choir stalls to enterable to allow ENTER action; created custom $vENTER call to handle it
- Implemented the verb action for GET OFF (GETOFF)
- Implemented the verb action for STAND (maps to EXIT for STAND or STAND UP, ENTER for STAND ON)
- Finished new animation controls for Constantin (NR)
- Implemented new animation controls for Cecilia (NR)

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