Changelog 2014-07-21


Busy week last week, with a lot accomplished. We’re still working on that holy water, trying to get good animations for the water motion while working out some of the persistent issues with object visibility. Some weird stuff going on there – at times, the water looks fine, while at other times, the visibility of the water block object is inconsistent. I’ll be spending some time trying to figure that out, but in the meantime it looks like we have a good animation for the “spinning” version. The main thing I advanced was the handwritten note found on Matteo in Act 2. In addition to creating the game object, I was able to create a nice detailed image of the note with the handwriting, and then created a new on-screen dialog for displaying it when the player tries to READ it. So instead of just printing the text of the note to the output window, we also display it in the HUD. That meant creating a new GUI element and its associated keymapping, but it was about a day’s work in all and I’m very happy with the result. Part of the implementation process revealed several new bugs (as usual), so I spent some additional time squashing those. All in all, a productive week.


One week period leading up to 2014-07-21:

  • Created the Matteo note object image and DTS shape
  • Implemented the Matteo note object in the game, hidden on Matteo and discoverable
  • Adjusted the Matteo note object for visualization in the inventory
  • Completed the Matteo note object doMethod, allowing for reading and destruction
  • Created new dialog for reading/displaying the Matteo note, with its associated keyMap
  • Created new “spinning” holy water model with better results (NR)
  • Fixed tiny bug that incorrectly ignored ghost objects when trying to EXAMINE an NPC who is not visible in another location, but blocked by an object instead of the monastery walls
  • Fixed bug that didn’t play NPC animations if there was a skip in the numbering in the relevant .CS file
  • Fixed bug that didn’t properly exit the Help dialog when using the ESC key
  • Fixed bug that didn’t display object names before output messages when using PUT or INSERT with ALL
  • Fixed bug that caused cutscene text to print twice to the screen and log file

This week’s screenshot shows a snapshot from the first cutscene. Constantin and Ignatius are arguing about what to do with Lucca…

Constantin accuses Lucca of murder, argues with Ignatius

Constantin accuses Lucca of murder, argues with Ignatius


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