Changelog 2014-08-04


Work continued this week on the holy water, as we turned our attention to the two remaining versions needed. One is a “dull” version for Act 2, and the other is a “boiling” version for Act 4. NR and I went back and reviewed a couple of AVIs that could work for these animations, and he started the work on converting them to PNGs and IFLs. He created first pass versions of the DTS shapes with the animations, and so far so good. We’ll need to continue the work on them to refine the look and feel, but hopefully all that should be done in the next week or two. The rest of my time was spent fixing old issues and adding new functionality. The new functionality is the PRAY FOR command, which was relatively straightforward since there aren’t too many valid targets for that command. As for the fixes, there were a few: the response to the EAT HARE command in Act 1 is now correct, the background events (wind, wolf howl, voices, etc) are now delayed at the beginning of Act 2, and we now allow for skipping the “Act 2” text when it is displayed on the screen. Finally, I started going back to make needed fixes to Constantin’s voice recordings for Act 1 (to provide proper synchronization with the animations), as well as minor tweaks to Drogo’s Act 1 animations, which could use a little spicing up.


One week period leading up to 2014-08-04:

  • Began work on “dull” and “boiling” versions of holy water; first pass DTS shapes created and tested
  • Final adjustments to “dull” and “boiling” animations begun (NR)
  • PRAY FOR command implemented
  • Fixed response to EAT HARE in Act 1 (tied to “Wait until I’m finished” animation)
  • Background event daemon adjusted to include delay before starting in Act 2 (and beyond)
  • Act text keymap created for the screens displaying the “Act” intro text
  • Act text display fixed to allow skipping for Act 2 and beyond
  • Began corrections to Constantin’s Act 1 topic response sound files for better synchronization with animations
  • Began tweaks to Drogo’s Act 1 animations

This week’s screenshot shows Drogo during Act 1, responding to a question about Ignatius.


How do you feel about Ignatius, Drogo?

How do you feel about Ignatius, Drogo?

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