Changelog 2014-07-07


As expected, not a huge amount of progress this past week due to the long holiday weekend. Nevertheless, we still made a bit of progress in a couple of areas. Nothing new on the devil prayer front, but we did finish the final two idle animations for Ignatius. Once these are exported and undergo final adjustments, we should be done with all animations for Act 2, and NR can move on once again to the second cutscene and Act 3 while I handle all of the exporting and loading into the game for Act 2. Also, NR solved the issue of animating the holy water in the font using 2-D IFL animations, so we can now have nicely animated holy water for Acts 2 and beyond. Now we just have to figure out what animations are needed.


One week period leading up to 2014-07-07:

  • Finished final two idle animations for Ignatius (NR)
  • Created a flat DTS shape for the font water that contains a looping IFL animation on its surface (NR)
  • Exported the temporary font water shape and loaded into game, positioned it, and successfully tested the animation

This week’s screenshot shows the temporary font water shape positioned inside the font, with the test animation displayed on its surface. The final shape will use different surface animations.


The font water is animated using a smooth 2-D series of images.

The font water is animated using a smooth 2-D series of images.

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