Changelog 2014-06-30


This past week saw us focus primarily on two areas: the final two idle animations for Constantin, and arranging the components of the devil prayer. The idle animations for Constantin required a bit of back and forth with the game to make sure they interacted properly with his bed, but I think they turned out pretty nice. So, as of now, Constantin has six idle animations for Act 2, idleA through idleF, whic hopefully will provide a decent variety of actions. The same actions will apply to Ignatius once NR has those complete, at which point I’ll then focus more on exporting and implementing all of Constantin’s and Ignatius’s Act 2 animations. The devil prayer continues to take shape, with now all eight arms loaded in and positioned correctly. Next comes some experimentation with lighting and particles, which will probably be tricky. However, with a long holiday weekend coming up, I’m not expecting a tremendous amount of progress to report next time.


One week period leading up to 2014-06-30:

  • Consolidated all of Constantin’s Act 2 animations into one exporter file
  • Fixed Constantin’s idleD animation for Act 2, exported to DSQ, and loaded into game
  • Finished Constantin’s final two idle animations (idleE and idleF), exported to DSQ, and loaded into game
  • Began final idle two animations for Ignatius (NR)
  • Reorganized the prayer files in the game folder heirarchy, creating new folders for prayer scripts and assets
  • Created new prayer.cs script to manage execution of prayers, starting with the “devil” prayer
  • Loaded and repositioned all eight arms for the devil prayer to align with the zodiac
  • Added and positioned eight portal zodiacs for each of the arms
  • Fixed the bug found last week that gave an improper error when trying to REMOVE the flagstone in Matteo’s room

This week’s screenshot shows Ignatius at the beginning of Act 2, now in his bedroom in the dormitory, displaying some of his grief after the incident with Matteo.

Ignatius in Act 2, troubled after the incident with Matteo.

Ignatius in Act 2, troubled after the incident with Matteo.

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