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The Official Vespers Trailer

Both the IndieCade and Utah Game Wars competitions required a short trailer video showing off the game, so even though Vespers is still a work-in-progress and far from finished, a teaser trailer was most definitely in order.

I already had a pretty good head start on this. Almost one year ago to the day, I helped put together a local screening of the documentary “Indie Game: The Movie” here in Salt Lake City, at the same venue (Brewvies Cinema Pub) that I hosted a screening of Jason Scott’s excellent “Get Lamp” documentary. It was a great event, with the cost offset through sponsoring from some local game development groups including NinjaBee, Chair Entertainment, Smart Bomb Interactive, and the Salt Lake [More...] Read the rest

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May is Motivation Month

May is shaping up to be one of the better months for Vespers.

I’ve talked for years about eventually reaching a point in development where I could submit the game to an indie game competition such as IndieCade, particularly one that would accept works-in-progress. However, each time, year after year, the deadlines came and went without ever quite getting there.

The goal, as always, has been to finish development up to a truly playable version that would allow people to play through the end of Act I, which ends with a short cutscene acknowledging the first significant dramatic event of the game, which then sets the stage for the remaining four Acts. Getting all of the different components of Act I put together, [More...] Read the rest

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IndieCade Submissions Open; Panic Ensues

Another year, another indie game festival deadline.

IndieCade, the International Festival of Independent Games that takes place each year in the fall, is now open for submissions for the 2010 event. The deadline for submissions is June 1st, which means we have less than two months to whip Vespers into shape — or at least into enough shape that it doesn’t embarrass itself in the weight room.

I’ve never been to the event, but a number of notable games have been recognized the past couple of years during the festival. Last year’s finalists included Brenda Braithwaite’s Train, Tale of Tale’s The Path, Hemisphere Games’s Osmos, and even an IF game, Jim Munroe’s Everybody Dies. In 2008, Amanita Design’s beautiful Machinarium [More...] Read the rest

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