Changelog 2014-05-26


Not much to report for the past two weeks. We’ve been dealing with the loss of a cherished family member here, so work has taken a back seat. We also spent some time out of town over the holiday weekend, so not much has been happening here lately. Things are beginning to return to normal this week, so hopefully there will be more to report next time. For now, I’ve been dabbling a bit with the new scripts for the Church items, mostly implementing the code to account for all of the changes in appearance that occur over the course of the game. Part of that involved going back to one of our old models, the fresco itself, and reconfiguring it so that we can swap textures (the frescoes themselves) with a simple command, rather than having separate objects for each fresco. This is how things were set up for the different St. Cuthbert objects, allowing for fast texture swapping as the game progresses. The problem is that the model has to be set up prior to export using a specific naming convention for the textures, so I had to go back to the fresco model files, change the texture file name, and re-export the object. I’ll have to go back and do that with some other objects as well, but it only applies to objects that change textures alone, not shapes. So that will take some sorting out.


Two week period leading up to 2014-05-26:

  • Continued reorganizing code to account for Act 2 material
  • Began editing doMethods for Church items to account for changes in appearance for the five Acts
  • Fresco object modified to allow fast texture swapping; Act 2 fresco implemented
  • Completed fourth devil arm for devil prayer (NR)
  • Contacted our musician about new work for Act 2 and beyond
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