Changelog 2014-06-02


Back into the swing of things this past week. My entire focus has been on the Church items, a set of 11 items that change over time during the game, sometimes based on the player’s actions. Some of these items change by a quick swap of textures; others require complete changes of models and textures. In some cases, these are associated with other changes as well, such as to lighting or position. Up until now, I’ve only had to implement the base objects for Act 1, but now that I’ve moved beyond to Act 2, it was time for better organization. So I finally created an Excel file to track the various changes over time (model, texture, other things), which I can then implement in code to effect those changes. I also realized that I never re-formatted frescoes 3 through 6 to fit the shape file, which involved converting and scaling from the original TIFF file to a much smaller, transparent PNG. With that done, now all Church objects and textures are complete, and all are now loaded into the main working game directory. Now it’s just up to the code.


One week period leading up to 2014-06-02:

  • Finished editing the doMethods for all of the Church items to account for the changing descriptions over the five Acts
  • Completed an Excel worksheet to track all of the changes to models and textures over the five Acts
  • Scaled down and formatted frescoes 3 through 6 as transparent PNG files to swap in when needed
  • Loaded all of the various model and texture files for all Church items into their respective directories in the working V3D build
  • Began work on the final Satan arm for devil prayer (NR)
  • Began collating next set of modeling/animation work for NR
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