Changelog 2014-06-09


Bit of a slow week last week. It’s traditionally a very busy week at work, as this is the time grants get submitted, so there’s a lot of extra work effort put in. In the meantime, I continued work on the Church items, and worked with NR to start correcting some animation glitches in the Act 2 work for Drogo and Cecilia. We also ran through the list of new work to be done and decided on what is to be next. NR also completed the first draft of the final Satan arm for the devil prayer, which will now undergo some refining.


One week period leading up to 2014-06-09:

  • Began creating code to swap Church items as needed during the game (applied to the objGame object)
  • Modifications made to fix animation glitch on Drogo’s Act 2 idle animation (NR)
  • New Drogo2 exported to DTS and loaded into the working game directory
  • New Drogo Act 2 root and idle animations exported to DSQ and loaded into the working game directory
  • Completed first revision of the final Satan arm for devil prayer (NR)
  • Next round of new work decided (new hare, four new idle animations for Constantin and Ignatius for Act 2)


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